The only question I have is “Why?”

Why did you decide to leave us? Didn’t you know that I needed you? I still  need you. Did you think about all the things you’d miss? My graduation, my wedding, meeting my kids?

It’s been 13 years. December 18, 2000 is a day I will never forget. It’s the day I didn’t get to say goodbye. It’s the day my world shattered, and will never be the same again. It’s the day the whole family changed.

I still think about you everyday. I wonder who you’d be, if you would have had kids, be married, what you would be doing.

I’ve needed you so much over the years. I’ve needed someone to talk to, to help me. My kids would love you. You’d be their favorite uncle. MR gives the best hugs, and GM would just melt your heart.

When I hear your name, it’s not the same.
No matter what they say, I’m not okay.
And we started at zero, and went different ways.
Now we’re all out here wasting away.

And if we started at zero, then how did things change? It seems like just yesterday we were the same

I miss you.


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