Blown Away

There’s a storm coming. It’s supposed to be a big one. She sits and listens to the weather, getting more and more worried as she hears it blow in. The weather man says its a supercell storm and to be prepared to take shelter, so she sits and she waits.
There it is. The annoying, fearful shriek of the sirens. It’s coming and it’s huge. She grabs her kids and takes shelter in the closet. Her only hope for protection against this monster.
She feels the walls of her house start to shake, trying to withstand the force of the wind. She grabs onto her kids and pulls them in tight. She has to protect them.
As the twister comes overhead it tears her house apart. Brick by brick, board by board. Her daughter is starting to scream Mommy I’m scared!” She starts to reassure her that she won’t let anything happen to her, but its too late as this dangerous tornado rips the roof off and tries to suck her daughter out of her arms.
Then it happens. Her daughter starts to slip. Her grip isn’t strong enough. She fights it. Holding onto her daughters hand as the twister tries to take away her baby girl.
Her daughter is screaming “Mommy! Mommy!!” but it’s too late. Mommy can’t hold on anymore and her daughter slips into the darkness of the storm. Screaming.



They were driving. They were going on a family trip, just him, his wife, and their two kids. They decided to take the scenic route, get away from the city for a while. Suddenly there was a car swerving in and out of their lane heading straight into their vehicle. He swerved trying to avoid a wreck and he went straight off the bridge and into the water below.
Who should she try save? Her children? If so, which child first? Or should she try to save her husband who was knocked out during the crash?
She goes to try to save her kids. Their life is just beginning. They don’t deserve to die by drowning. Her husband, if he would EVER wake up, knows how to swim and could get out of there on his own. She had to make up her mind quick, as their truck was sinking quickly.
She gets her kids free, out of their car seats, and up to safety. She turned to see if she had time to get her husband, but the truck was gone. Underwater. She knew it was too late and there was nothing she could do. He was gone.

Recurring Dreams

She was eight years old. Her parents decided to adopt a teenaged boy, and she had an older sister. All was right in the world until one dreadful night. The family decided to go to their local Dairy Queen. The adopted son didn’t want to go, so he stayed home. She got her normal food. Tacos, french fries, and ice cream for dessert. After dinner they decided to call it a night and headed home. They couldn’t find their son anywhere. He wasn’t in his room, not in the living room or in the back yard. He was missing. Then they found him. He was stuffed in the hot water heater closet with rope burn around his neck. The cops came and took his lifeless body to the morgue where they determined he was murdered. The family was never the same again.