Blown Away

There’s a storm coming. It’s supposed to be a big one. She sits and listens to the weather, getting more and more worried as she hears it blow in. The weather man says its a supercell storm and to be prepared to take shelter, so she sits and she waits.
There it is. The annoying, fearful shriek of the sirens. It’s coming and it’s huge. She grabs her kids and takes shelter in the closet. Her only hope for protection against this monster.
She feels the walls of her house start to shake, trying to withstand the force of the wind. She grabs onto her kids and pulls them in tight. She has to protect them.
As the twister comes overhead it tears her house apart. Brick by brick, board by board. Her daughter is starting to scream Mommy I’m scared!” She starts to reassure her that she won’t let anything happen to her, but its too late as this dangerous tornado rips the roof off and tries to suck her daughter out of her arms.
Then it happens. Her daughter starts to slip. Her grip isn’t strong enough. She fights it. Holding onto her daughters hand as the twister tries to take away her baby girl.
Her daughter is screaming “Mommy! Mommy!!” but it’s too late. Mommy can’t hold on anymore and her daughter slips into the darkness of the storm. Screaming.


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