They were driving. They were going on a family trip, just him, his wife, and their two kids. They decided to take the scenic route, get away from the city for a while. Suddenly there was a car swerving in and out of their lane heading straight into their vehicle. He swerved trying to avoid a wreck and he went straight off the bridge and into the water below.
Who should she try save? Her children? If so, which child first? Or should she try to save her husband who was knocked out during the crash?
She goes to try to save her kids. Their life is just beginning. They don’t deserve to die by drowning. Her husband, if he would EVER wake up, knows how to swim and could get out of there on his own. She had to make up her mind quick, as their truck was sinking quickly.
She gets her kids free, out of their car seats, and up to safety. She turned to see if she had time to get her husband, but the truck was gone. Underwater. She knew it was too late and there was nothing she could do. He was gone.